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SF Weekly

“An unflinching yet heartfelt examination of what it means to tie one’s fate to the soil and what will grow within it.”

—Nick Veronin (link to ARTICLE)

Wine Country Geographic

“Must see documentary… Audiences who turn out for the film may be fooled into thinking, from the title, that these intoxicants are what the film is about. But in truth, the film is has greater gifts to offer.”

—Pam Strayer (link to REVIEW / INTERVIEW)

The San Jose Mercury News

“This fascinating tale of two families… I gotta admit, I had my doubts when I read the synopsis on this one, but I was pleasantly surprised by Rebecca Richman Cohen’s insightful examination of the commitment and personal strength needed to weather the turbulent times. It’s a gem.”

—Randy Myers (link to BLURB)

San Francisco Chronicle

“A compelling story with warmth and intimacy.”

—G. Allen Johnson (link to BLURB)

The Daily Californian

“As the film dives into personal accounts from both families, its storyline is complemented by stunning panoramic shots of the sunny French countryside and cool, dank California forest. Eric Phillips-Horst’s cinematography as a whole is one of the crowning achievements of this production… While weed and wine are tantalizing and popular as products alone, there’s an undeniably striking intimacy involved in their creations, made visible only by ‘Weed & Wine.'”

—Ethan Waters (link to INTERVIEW / ARTICLE)

Showbiz Monkeys

The editing is so good that thoughts which start in California seem to finish effortlessly with French subtitles. Watching this feels like flowing down a steady river that solidifies its thesis the faster it goes. It’s incredibly hard to write this way, let alone cobble it together from found footage… In the end, Weed & Wine is the story you expected, but with a personal depth and history you didn’t. It makes you think about tangible issues through the lens of artistic nuance. Quite simply, it’s brain food. While it stimulates all the senses, in a savoury, palatable way, you leave thinking about how nourishing it actually was.

—Andrew Lizotte (link to REVIEW)


“Timely and beautifully crafted”

—Geneva Anderson (link to BLURB)

Eat Drink Films

“A film that’s perfect for our time.”

—C.J. Hirschfield (link to REVIEW)


“Beautiful and delightful… Roger Ebert once pronounced that no bad movie is too short, and no good movie is too long. I would happily spend much more time with these two families.”

—D. Schwartz (link to REVIEW)

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